The Tissot 18k Watch

I had been to another local jewellers to get a new battery in a Tissot 18k watch-but was told it wasn’t working and would cost too much to be viable to mend.
I went along after to Robert and Pat at Brentwood Jewellers to see if they could do anything, I was a bit hesitant whether to go in as it seems very upmarket and not somewhere the likes of me would maybe be fit in.
I needn’t have worried. I was invited in and made to feel really welcome and didn’t feel at all uncomfortable or out of place. I didn’t mention anything other than I needed a new battery in my Tissot watch. Rob said leave it with me and when I collected it later that day, there it was working! I couldn’t believe it! It had needed a little bit of time and effort cleaning the contacts, a new battery and there it was, all as should be, working fine, yet I had almost decided to sell it for scrap!
I’m so glad I went in and met both Rob and Pat that day as I have since had another piece of jewellery repaired and also made two really warm and interesting new friends, if anyone considering going in to see them dithers feeling they may be a little too upmarket for them – don’t hesitate – you could not wish to meet two more down to earth ‘Gems’-thank you both Rob and Pat.

Silver Charm Bracelet

I took in a silver charm bracelet that is 50 years old. Recently the Swans neck had broken and the body dropped off. The Chihuahua charm had lost a foot when I got caught up on some item of clothing or other, the padlock had been soldered shut by another jeweller and the bracelet needed making smaller.
A day┬álater it was ready – it looked amazing, so clean and bright. As for the Chihuahua’s new foot, I can’t see the difference between the two; no sign of it ever being missing. The Swan is all intact and again there’s no evidence of it ever being in two pieces. The padlock has been ‘released’ and is usable once again as an added safety clasp and the bracelet now fits perfectly.
I didn’t realise that things like this could be mended or repaired locally right in our small town and I’m so lucky to have by pure chance walked into Brentwood Jewellers Rob and Pat obviously are brilliant at what they do. They’re such old school decent lovely people – its so nice going in to see them, makes my day.
Thank you both, Tracey