Same Day Jewellery Repairs

From a small, simple same day jewellery repair job to a complete full restoration, with our craftsmanship and years of expertise, we believe we can repair any damaged item of jewellery.

Before any item can be repaired, your item will be thoroughly assessed and your requirements will be discussed.

To arrange for your item to be repaired please call us or contact us via our email so we can discuss your requirements and arrange to view your piece of jewellery.

What can be repaired?

At Brentwood Jewellers we specialise in all aspects of Jewellery repair service, including the following:

  • Replacing lost stones from rings
  • Make an earring to replace a lost one to complete the set
  • Replace or re-size a ring to your new specification
  • Replace a damaged claw on a ring
How much does it cost?

Your quotation will be based upon the type of damage to be repaired, and the amount of work required to restore the item to its original condition. Rest assured, we offer a first class service with very competitive rates and are more than happy to repair any item regardless of size and cost.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements
Brentwood Jewellers Same Day Jewellery Repair